The Bag Lady

A little time for some retail therapy this week led me to spot a beautiful dinner set.

Work together please

I have contacted Clr Radebe via email on various occasions and had no response from him whatsoever!

Reuven residents say – Thank you

Well-known singers and musicians and professional artists came to put some joy and pleasure into the lonesome and monotonous lives of many of the elderly.
Veli Ndaba.

Living a conscious life!

Living a conscious life means you are actively evaluating your activities, decisions and options.

The Bag Lady

What’s The Bag Lady been up to this last week?
Veli Ndaba

Step into your greatness

You have greatness within you, you were carefully chosen by God, the Almighty.

The Bag Lady

Catch up with The bag Lady after her holiday in Cape Town, enjoying special occasions and lots of fun along the way.
Veli Ndaba

The power of creativity

‘How else’ and ‘What else’ will keep your creativity muscle growing and open you up to life’s possibilities.

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