The Bag Lady

It was a busy week, but there was a little time to look for beautiful gifts for moms for Mother’s Day on May 14.

Self-awareness is all you need

To change your self-image, see yourself as capable, worthy, deserving respect, intelligent, beautiful and not less than anyone in the world.

The Bag Lady

It’s going too fast – that’s my feeling about this year! I can’t believe Easter is over; hope you all enjoyed a wonderful and blessed time with your family and friends. What’s next on the social calendar, you may ask? There are two more holidays around the corner, Freedom Day on April 27 and Workers’…

Don’t let your dream go

Don’t hurt yourself by asking the right question to the wrong person who will make you doubt your abilities.

The Bag Lady

I’m not Catholic but funnily enough when I was growing up in England, we only ate fish on Good Friday. This year I’m having a family lunch and will be serving fish as a starter and roast lamb with all the trimmings for mains. This way there’s something delicious for everyone. Dessert? Still deciding!

Choose freedom not fear

To deal with what was stopping me from achieving my goals, I made a list of things I was scared of or feared, from small to big ones.

The Bag Lady

This week I checked out some Easter spoils, not only chocolate either, and caught up with Cristofer Lanzetti, The Red Velvetier, who has branched out his business.

The Bag Lady

Checking out Easter treats, I was pleasantly surprised when I visited a local guesthouse.

The Bag Lady

Autumn is here and winter not far behind, shop now while you have a good selection to choose from.

Get fired up

Doing what you love motivates you, gives you abundant energy, tons of enthusiasm and a reason for being.

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