The Bag Lady

Networking at Woman@Work, browsing new lines in furniture, taking time out – all in a week!

What am I becoming?

As a life-coach and professional speaker I help people confront their challenges and discover parts of themselves they never knew existed.

The Bag Lady

When you enter the cinema foyer a “train conductor” welcomes patrons as each new movie begins, by shouting “all aboard”!

You were born to create

Faith is the ability to see and believe in something that does not exist in the physical world.

The Bag Lady

What’s The Bag Lady been up to this past week? Lunching, shopping and reading.

Stand tall

Be yourself.

The Bag Lady

This week The Bag Lady browsed for Valentine gifts. Always remember, true love costs nothing.

The Bag Lady

A little time for some retail therapy this week led me to spot a beautiful dinner set.

Living a conscious life!

Living a conscious life means you are actively evaluating your activities, decisions and options.

The Bag Lady

What’s The Bag Lady been up to this last week?

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