The Bag Lady

Checking out Easter treats, I was pleasantly surprised when I visited a local guesthouse.

The Bag Lady

Autumn is here and winter not far behind, shop now while you have a good selection to choose from.

Get fired up

Doing what you love motivates you, gives you abundant energy, tons of enthusiasm and a reason for being.

The Bag Lady

Although this week I’ve touched on sad news, I know you’ll forgive me and maybe you too knew of Margaret Roberts and was an acquaintance or friend of Maud.Quite ironic how two such garden lovers died only days apart.

Embrace gratitude

The world has long been waiting for your light to shine. Now is the time, my friend, to respond and shine even brighter.

The Bag Lady

I found Hot Cross Buns with no fruit, yes, that’s right!

The Bag Lady

Networking at Woman@Work, browsing new lines in furniture, taking time out – all in a week!

What am I becoming?

As a life-coach and professional speaker I help people confront their challenges and discover parts of themselves they never knew existed.

The Bag Lady

When you enter the cinema foyer a “train conductor” welcomes patrons as each new movie begins, by shouting “all aboard”!

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