You will always be remembered

Our trip together to Robben Island a little over two years ago, is a time and place etched into my mind forever. You walked me through history as you shared with me your struggle, the heartache, treasured memories with your dear friend, Tata and others.

Everyone thanked for a great marathon

The JHAC were proud hosts of a spectacular event and thank each and every member of the local community for their support and interest.

Calling all Jordaans and Jourdans

This is a request to ensure your greater family bloodline is up to date in the Jordaan or Jourdan genealogical register, which is to be published later this year or early in 2018.

Ahmed Kathrada, our struggle stalwart laid to rest

Later the SA Indian Congress launched a passive resistance action, and Kathrada was one of the 2 000 volunteers to be imprisoned. This was his first jail sentence for civil disobedience.

Shopper helped out

After a short space of time, the footage showed me coming into the store with my handbag on one shoulder and my keys in my other hand.

Huge thanks to kind sponsors

Gold Reef City have made such a difference in the lives of the needy! Bless you all from all the people that received the materials, and from Sue Lubbe and Friends, for caring and sharing!

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