Go Dario, go

Thank you everyone but because Dario is such a young man I would suggest people support him during his project.

Against Rosettenville protests

There are other ways of getting rid of criminals and the police should be blamed the most.

Desperate mom needs help

I am not a drug addict or an alcoholic; I am just a desperate mother, begging and pleading for assistance.

Looking for my friend, Eben

I remember his daughter, Elsie van Niekerk, she finished school in 1969 and then went on to RAU. His son, Eben, was a traffic officer with the Johannesburg Traffic Department.

Joburg Water needs to fix its mess

External communication officer, Joburg Water, Eleanor Mavimbela was contacted by the COURIER about this issue, she has not responded.

Service delivery must be a priority

“I suspect that Glen is trying to play the political parties against one another which I believe councillor Radebe’s action were not aiming to the negativity but to ask relevant officials to clean up their acts.”

Witnesses needed

If anyone saw this please contact the Southern COURIER on 011 724 7000.

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