Drugs young people experiment with in the South

CONFISCATED: Loads of Madrax confiscated in Cape Town recently. Photo by Intelligence Bureau SA

THE previous copy of the COURIER featured an article about the perceptions of a drug addict during addiction and promised a follow up article about the types of drugs young people are experimenting with in the South.

A majority of the brothers are young people who graduated from the R.E.C Wellness Centre’s long and extensive rehabilitation programme; they know more about drugs that are available in the South.

1. Dagga is obviously one of the drugs. This is what they call the most evil drug because it’s the gateway drug in a sense that there are still plenty of people who don’t use it for medical reasons, but want to promote this drug – yet those young people who use it, end up not feeling the strength of the high and eventually they can’t help but seek out much stronger drugs. “Dagga is problematic because even teenagers can afford it; from as little as R10 a joint and R200 a gram. Dagga goes by many names depending on its strength. Some are called Swazi, Mango Kush and the Greenhouse -which is said to be very strong. But all in all, these various options will all lead to a route that’s destroyed young people’s lives and futures,” said the brothers.

2. Kat is also sold in the South in powder form, from as little as R50. This drug is documented to be on the rise in South Africa in general – and the full substance name is Methcathinone.

3. LSD is a type of liquid that young people are using these days – and can be taken through the tongue and even through the eye, because it’s liquid. It gives young people illusions and most of them are fooled by the notion, that they can’t overdose on it. They purchase it from R80 a stamp.

4. Cocaine is rock powder that’s very expensive in places such as Cape Town – where it’s sold for R1200, but can be sold for anything between R300 and R400 in the South. The young people note the evil of cocaine because while it messes up one’s life, it also causes its users to have heart muscle problems.

5. Crystal Meth is the one drug the brothers are afraid of – and call it one of the deadliest, if not the deadliest drug that’s found in the South. What bothers them, is that it’s sold for for as cheap as R40. The brothers said: “With crystal meth, the questions is not what it does to you? But rather, what is it that it doesn’t do to you? This is the drug that keeps you awake four nights in a row, fixing things that are not broken; in just two weeks, you lose 50kg,” said the youngsters.

6. Heroin is what the brothers call the worst and most addictive drug; it’s manufactured from opium poppies samp.

7. Codeine is another drug young people in the South use. It’s a substance contained in various cough syrups.

8. Mandrax is one of the South’s biggest problems – that is sold from just R15; to mess up a young person’s life and ensure that young person lives a purposeless life.

9. Nyaope is what the brothers said is the drug among young people these days, because even those from poor families can afford it. “Nyaope is the dirt of heroin,” they said. The brothers added that nyaope is the most dangerous drug for the human body. They don’t prefer using medical intervention to help addicts, but with nyaope they administer methadone for just a while – and quickly remove it, before that person now becomes addicted to the very same methadone that’s supposed to help clean him or her. What’s sad is that young people can often afford it when it costs as little as R17 – and they can even negotiate.


All the drugs mentioned in this post and many others, have ruined the lives of adults and children who grew up in all kinds of suburbs in the South. Stay away or seek help, if already addicted.

Help the R.E.C Wellness Centre fight drugs and drug addiction, without costing the addicts money they don’t have. To speak to the brothers, or to invite them to speak to your company or organisation, contact Wayne Fearick on 084 316 4723; or Deon Kok on 073 843 1375; or Linda Hedley on 078 238 9377.

Small donations are accepted at Standard Bank; Account name: Phela Giving Back, Southdale branch, branch code: 006405; Account number: 003644359.

The brothers want to thank DA ward 56 Clr Rashieda Landis; who pushed for the centre to get a house donation.

James Mahlokwane

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