Protesters loot store Rosettenville

SMASHED: Workers had to run to a back room as protesters broke in and started removing all the liquor from the bar.

A YOUNG South African fell victim to criminal activity that ensued when Rosettenville protesters suddenly vandalised and looted their business in Main Road on Saturday, February 11.

The owners of Zik Zags Pap and Grill suffered damage worth more than R65 000 when a group of protesters walked towards their establishment and threw bricks at it. The staff ran to a back room. The protesters then entered and looted all the liquor, three plasma screens and 18 hubbly bubblies.

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CCTV footage that is now being used by Moffatview SAPS to investigate shows a groups protesters, known to the community, approach the establishment and immediately start breaking windows.

“We never used to worry about the protesters because we knew this was a legitimate business where the building is not hijacked, there is no prostitution or any criminal activity by foreign nationals.

VANDALISM: Protesters attacked this unconnected business before looting it.

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“This place used to be called La-Casmar and was owned by a Nigerian man until last year August, when my wife and I, and a completely new management, started renting this place. I cannot speak about the owner of the previous establishment because he is not here and I did not even know what he was doing in the first place – we came in and started a completely new business.

“This really hurts me because at times I feel angry and defeated. There was never ever a consultation process from the side of the protesters to verify any assumptions about this place. Even with the houses that they burn, there is no proper communication and consultation processes to ascertain and verify the deed of those houses before setting them alight. They could easily burn a house that belongs to an innocent man or woman who has leased the house and does not know what the house is being used for.

“In fact, even my place of business belongs to a good Indian man who is Muslim and has nothing to do with the liquor being sold here. So, if you destroy this place, who are you hurting? Me or that man?” asked the hurting man.

DISTURBING: The store’s owner questioned the actions of the protesters in Rosettenville.

Ward 56 DA Clr Michael Crichton said: “Residents need to know that there is a plan in place to fight the crime. MMC for Public Safety, Michael Sun, has increased security in the ward. There is now a heavy police presence. I would like to strongly encourage residents to allow the rule of law to fight crime. Residents must please allow the law to take its course.”

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James Mahlokwane

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