Councillors push for change at old age homes

CHECKING THINGS OUT: Clr Sergio dos Santos and Clr Suzanne Clarke during their visit to old age homes in Crown Gardens.

WARD 54 councillor Sergio dos Santos recently joined the housing chairperson in the City of Johannesburg, Clr Suzanne Clarke, on a site visit to three old age homes in Crown Gardens.

This visit follows numerous complaints over the years from these old age homes.

Clr Dos Santos said the complaints range from a general lack of service delivery to more serious complaints, such as crime.

“All three homes are in dire need of attention, but I feel that Annie Burger is probably the most worrisome. There is a lack of maintenance; you see taps leaking, stoves not working, ceilings almost collapsing. There is absolutely no control who goes in and out either. We even have had cars stolen,” said Clr Dos Santos.

Upon stopping at several units and speaking to tenants, it was also found that some people are living in units without authorisation. In terms of the housing policy and the lease agreement, tenants may not have unauthorised people living with them, such as children. There are also allegations of corruption which Dos Santos said will be investigated.

“An audit of tenants will be done to determine when they applied for housing.”

Housing officials were on site with councillors Clarke and Dos Santos, to note some of the complaints

Clr Clarke added that many of the old age homes have the same issues and that she is really disappointed at the lack of accountability from the housing department. She looks forward to seeing all the issues that were noted addressed by her next visit.

Lucky Thusi
News Editor

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