Flash flood caused damage in the South of Johannesburg

GARDEN UNDER WATER: Renaissance Retirement Village.

ALBERTON and other areas in the South of Johannesburg were severely affected by the flash floods that occurred on Thursday, March 2.

The heavens opened up and roads and homes were quickly flooded by the heavy downpour, which caused massive devastation and serious damage.

One home-owner in Toon van den Heever Street, Randhart, said this was the second time this had happened to them in a few months. “We’ve just moved in six months ago and we had just started to recover from the last incident of flooding when this happened. We just don’t know what we’re gonna do, because we can’t go on like this,” said the devastated home-owner, who would like to remain anonymous.

Aside from homes, the flash floods also had a profound impact on traffic, with cars getting stuck and even crashing in areas like Rietvlei Zoo Farm, Renaissance Retirement Village and more.

The issues of outdated and unmaintained roads, inadequate stormwater drains and systems, along with the multitude of blocked drains and sewerage systems, all contributed to making the situation much worse.

Another affected resident said the municipality was the problem. “These drains are permanently blocked and they aren’t doing their jobs, simple as that,” she said.

Again a number of potholes re-appeared. Even before the flash floods, the RECORD posted questions to EMM regarding the potholes and they replied that they needed reference numbers in order to comment.

Damages in both Alberton and the South of Johannesburg are still being calculated.

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