Resident believes dealership is conning him

A CROWN GARDENS resident, Trevor White, decided to sell his car because he needed the money to better his lifestyle. Unfortunately, things have not worked out as Trevor planned.

On September 16, last year, he signed an agreement to sell his BMW 330i through a car dealership in Ridgeway.

A consignment letter revealed that R90 000 was the amount that the dealership would sell the car for.On October 25, a representative from the dealership co-signed a letter with Trevor confirming that the car was sold at an auction in Randburg the previous day. The next day, the representative co-signed another letter with Trevor confirming that they would be paying him R83 500 within seven to 21 days.Trevor said he believes the dealership is conning him because they have not honoured any of their promises.

“I have only received R30 000 to date. First they told me the car was sold at an auction, however it has been revealed by the new owner, Thenjiwe Buthelezi, that the car was bought at their premises in Ridgeway. She bought the car for R99 000 cash.

“Now the new owner does not have the Natis documents, as I have them. The dealership told her that the owner of the car had died and that it would take long to get the documents. All I wanted was to sell the car so that I can get some extra money, and now I am at a crossroads as I still don’t have the rest of my money and the new owner wants the documents,” explained Trevor.

Thenjiwe agrees with Trevor that the dealership is an unscrupulous business.

“They always have stories. They first said their admin personnel had already left for the day which is why they couldn’t give me the documents. Then they said I must come back after 14 days. When I went back in January, I was told that the previous owner of the car had died. That’s nonsense. I paid them cash so what’s the hold up?” she said.

A case of fraud was opened at Booysens Police Station and communication officer Captain Lorraine van Emmerik confirmed this.

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Lucky Thusi
News Editor

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