What to do at an accident scene

KNOWING what to do at an accident scene is vital and could help save a life says security firm, Fox Security.

“Almost everyone drives or walks past an accident as some point in their lives and knowing what to do to help the injured could help save someone’s life,” said Fox Security’s medic and spokesperson Elowayne Gouws.

Gouws said it is very important for motorists who have just witnessed an accident to report it immediately.

“Everyone wants to help but knowing what to do is important.”

Gouws said the first step is to analyse the damage and the severity of the accident.

“Check if a car has rolled and the driver or passengers are trapped inside the vehicle.”

  • Do not attempt to pull out the trapped occupants, as this may injure them or worsen their condition.
  • Contact your nearest emergency services.
  • If you have first aid experience and some of the victims need first aid, you are more that welcome to assist.
  • Never attempt to be a hero – always seek medical direction on what to do.

Gouws said it is especially important for motorists to know what to do when driving past an accident.

  • Know your emergency numbers

“Many motorists do not know who to contact and spend much needed time looking for emergency numbers.

“It is imperative that you know who to call and for what crises the emergency services respond,” Gouws said.

He said it is everyone’s responsibility to have the necessary emergency numbers of the areas they drive past.

“Responding very quickly assists in saving lives,” he said.

The Johannesburg Metro Police or Ekurhuleni Metro Police or police (SAPS) will respond to the accident and cordon off the area to re-direct traffic.

“Try to drive past the accident scene in an orderly manner without obstructing other motorists,” Gouws said.

He said the security firm is going the extra mile for their clients and community. For emergencies, contact the medical unit on 011 867 3770.

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