Local’s express their thoughts on Knysna

AFTER receiving truckloads (literally) of donations to aid those affected by the recent Knysna fires, the RECORD decided to ask some people what their personal thoughts are on the situation.

Rudie Kok said: “All these heaps of donations are a clear indication that there’s no racism in South Africa. When there’s a major emergency like this, black and white doesn’t matter. Everyone has opened their hearts and wallets for those in need. Our prayers go out to those who have been affected.”

SUSPECTS ARSON: Helgard Raubenheimer: “It’s very tragic. I think it must have been arson – one little fire ember can’t possibly travel 20 kilometres and create such an inferno. I also know that people were caught with petrol cans in the woods.”

FRIENDS WERE AFFECTED: Marlene Fulford: “I have friends who were affected. It was terrible – it was only her and her son at home as her husband was overseas at the time. She was terrified, even though her house did not burn down completely. It now looks like a war zone there. I’m very upset about it. At least there’s hope, seeing all of these donations steaming in. I wish people could always be so kind to each other.”

ALL HELP IS NEEDED: Japie Kruger: “It’s absolutely devastating. Passing by the area, one can only see how terrible it looks. I have no idea how everyone is going to recover from all that damage. There is some great work being done by many charities, but even R1-million worth of donations is just a drop in the ocean of what is needed.”For free daily local news in the south, visit our sister newspapers Alberton RecordComaro ChronicleSouthern Courier and Get it Joburg South Magazine.

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Monique van Wyk

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