The Bag Lady

Wow! Amazing! Fantastic! I could carry on and on, and this is about all the donated goods (clothing, tinned and dried food, nappies, water, toiletries, dog food, cat food, furniture, etc, etc) we’ve been receiving daily at our Caxton offices in Alberton, to go down to Knysna and surrounding areas to help those who have been left homeless after the fires and storms. To say the donations have been phenomenal is an underestimation. In our newspapers we often write articles asking for our readers to donate to children’s homes and NGO organisations, and never, ever, have I seen, even remotely, such assistance.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have donated, you are making a huge difference in people’s and pets’ lives!

Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if South African citizens, as a whole, would rally together like this all the time? What a fantastic country South Africa would be!

Shoprite R5 meals

Always on the lookout for bargains and specials, I couldn’t believe it when I received an email from Adele Kruger-Taljaard, from Shoprite (021 980 1742 or, about their R5 meals.

She said: “Hard-pressed consumers in the current difficult economic climate can now buy meals from Shoprite stores countrywide for just R5 or less. These discounted convenience meals have been introduced to help consumers’ money go further, especially among students. Food scarcity is a serious issue for many students and Shoprite introduced these meals to ensure there are affordable meal options available to them as well as to retailers’ customers in general.”

The new meal options include fried fish, potato hash browns, chicken hotdogs, fried egg and tomato sandwiches, pap, pancakes, sweetcorn on a stick, soup and igwinya (vetkoek) and a boiled egg and igwinya combo – all R5 and less!

Well done Shoprite, I’m sure you’ll have customers queuing for your tasty meals.

That’s it for this week. Shop till you drop!


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Julie Maule
News Editor

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