Why it’s cool to carpool

If you know someone who thinks cars run on rainbows and happiness rather than petrol or diesel and is constantly asking for a free ride then you are loosely familiar with carpooling!

As much as this may annoy you, they are doing a good thing.

Carpooling is fun and a creative way to socialise with acquaintances and promote environmental awareness. Whether you decide to have a sing-a-long to a well-known Michael Jackson or Britney Spears song, or you want to make a concerted effort towards saving the planet, carpooling is the way to go.

So, to help you make an informed decision about giving a lift to that chatty friend, here’s why we think its cool to carpool.

  • Eases traffic congestion. If you regularly travel by yourself and you have at least three empty seats in your car, then carpooling with other drivers who could fill those empty seats, means that there will be fewer drivers on the road. Fewer drivers on the road decrease your risk of encountering bad drivers who test your nerves. This will also decrease your chance of traffic congestion on the road and increase the chances of arriving at work early.
  • You save money. When you’re carpooling with a friend to work, you can split the petrol bill with them. The more people in the car, the less you’ll pay for petrol. Just make sure you do not overload the car.
  • You form new relationships. It can get pretty awkward if you’re driving in silence with others in the car, especially when you don’t know them well. Driving in silence usually forces you to start a conversation with others. If you aren’t too comfortable to spark conversation or if you don’t have a topic you’d like to discuss, switch on the radio and chat about what is on the news or the song that is currently playing.
  • It has a positive impact on the environment. As a result of fewer cars on the road, the number of carbon emissions and other gasses that usually pollutes the air is diminished. Thus, caring for the environment and resulting in cleaner air circulation.
  • You’ll have more time to complete important tasks. If it’s not your turn to drive for the week, you can either sleep a few minutes later or you can make last minute amendments on your notes for your meeting or presentation.
  • Your car will have less mileage. If your car gets a break while you’re carpooling with a friend or neighbour, then this will result in your car having fewer kilometres driven in it. This ultimately can extend the ‘life’ of your car.

Just remember that if you decide to make profit from your car-pool service (essentially turning it into a taxi service), that you may need to amend the type of car insurance you have. If you do not have car insurance yet, apply for a cheap online insurance quotes online.


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