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Well, at last it seems as if we have some wintry weather. I can imagine that some of you were keeping your fingers crossed for snow last week when the cold front hit. Not me though! After having experienced snow falls in England, I’m not a fan. Oh yes, that first fall throughout the night while I was sleeping, and the eerie silence when I woke up, was magical. Taking a peek out the window and seeing a white wonderland was beautiful.

After that though, it all went pear-shaped when I had to trudge through the deep soft snow to the bus stop to catch the 6.45am bus into town. It took twice as long as usual because the pavements were tricky to negotiate and the side roads were covered with dangerous snow. There was hardly any traffic. The main roads which the buses used were usually treated with either grit or salt to enable the vehicles to grip the road, making driving slightly less dangerous, but still difficult. The bus driver had to navigate quite carefully – especially around tight bends. Passengers would try and get seats with a heater underneath, to defrost their freezing cold feet!

By the time we arrived in town a gentle thaw would have begun and later in the morning, the white soft snow would have turned to brown slush! More often than not there would be frost that night and the pavements and roads, which were still covered with deep slush, would be transformed into ice rinks the next day. Memories!

DURABLE STONEWARE: The range includes cannisters and servers.

Something new

Maxwell @ Williams have created The Artisan range, inspired by bespoke ceramics with a hand-made feel and light, natural textures. The range is made from durable stoneware and comes in a selection of earthy colours, which make for an effortless ‘mix and match’.

Choose from oatmeal, cloud or charcoal colours – stylish and different. I’m sure the range will be a winner. I love it and will be investing in a few pieces. I particularly like the dipped cannister with the wooden lid – perfect for sugar, tea and coffee. Prices range from R149 each. There are also side plates, dinner plates and bowls as well as serving platters. What a beautiful engagement or wedding gift!

Available from HOME etc at The Glen Shopping Centre on the upper level, near Mr Price Home.

Spring is on its way

Yes, new spring lines are coming into the shops so keep a look-out. Before long it will be out with winter and in with summer clothing. Can’t wait.

Have a wonderful week and shop till you drop!


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