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You wake up with a twitch or a slight pain and when you are in your 20s, 30s and even 40s, it’s disappeared by the time you’ve been up for half an hour and doesn’t come back again. Not so as you become a little more senior! You wake up with a slight pain and it lasts a day, which turns into a week, which goes on into a month and then months! No good complaining, though, is it? You just have to learn to live with it.

The plus side, however, of becoming more mature is more time for yourself, not being afraid to say what you think, being able to say “no” more and mean it, being able to disregard all those so-called friends (who you actually thought were wonderful once but turned out to be awful), being able to play stupid with new technology and hope the younger ones will assist, being able to go to bed early just because you feel like it, being able to wear what you feel comfortable in not really caring what others think, and so the list goes on! So for those of you who are still in your forties and fifties, be not afraid of venturing into the golden years. It’s not as bad as you think it will be.

Building up your home with accessories

New in at Builders Warehouse is the Organic Soul range of candles and accessories. I’m sure they will be available at all branches but I saw the new line at the Gleneagles store.

Similar to the Yankee Candles in jars, which are absolutely stunning, the Organic Soul range is more reasonably priced, but I’ve not burnt one yet so can’t give you the full lowdown. Priced from as little as R39, I think they are a must try. I’ll be buying one anyway.

Gardening chores

August is here and now is a good time to look after your rose bushes. They will have started sprouting new growth and you can improve on last month’s pruning by removing competing branches and twigs. To water, start with a deep soak and then water once a week; if the weather is hot and dry increase watering to twice a week. Spray if you find greenfly on the tips of new young shoots. It’s a good time to plant new roses too.

Clean up the garden beds, removing some of the ground cover which has gone wild and taken over and weed the beds in preparation for planting new seedlings. Wash down all garden furniture with warm soapy water and if you haven’t already washed the garden chair cushion covers before storing them, do so now and then you’ll be ready for spring.

That’s all for this week. Shop till you drop.


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Julie Maule
News Editor

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