WATCH: Battle erupts between hundreds of students in the south

FIGHTCLUB: Footage of the students declaring war.

A BATTLE erupted among students in South Hills on 3 July.

Hundreds of Diversity High schools students took to the street to ‘sort out a stolen cellphone’ issue.

This resulted in a fight between two groups of students who were solving a dispute alleged to be because of a stolen phone.

A resident Josh Evans said he heard a commotion outside his house which is situated near the school where hundreds of students were out of control. “As I came out of my house, my God, it was like a wave, hundreds of kids everywhere.”


Evans said he saw they were fighting and that he rushed into the group to go and break up the fight between the two massive groups.

“I pulled a guy out of the group who wasn’t even a student.”

Evans said as he broke up the fight on one side he noticed a teacher – also in the crowd of volatile students – being assaulted.

“I looked up and one of the teachers got a ‘klap’ in an attempt to break up the hordes of students.” said Evans.

He said one of the students broke a bottle intending to stab someone.

Evans said it was like the ‘red ants’ (a group known for repossessions and evictions) or a stampede at Orlando Stadium.

When he looked up a pupil alerted him of a silver Polo which drove among the crowd. Three women jumped out of the car and assaulted students with a shambok.

“It was chaos.”

He said a Moffat View police van could be seen an hour later after the ordeal happened around 2pm.

“They acted so casually as if nothing had happened.”

He mentioned that there was another fight involving knives on Friday morning at the school, a day after the massive battle-like scene.


Moffat View police were asked about the ordeal and said they would respond after checking if a docket was opened.

Diversity High School principal Mr Maboya said he would not comment as he may be charged with misconduct but would ask the Student Governing Body chairperson to speak to the courier in issuing a statement.

The COURIER was awaiting a statement of what happened between lawless students on both Thursday and Friday morning.

On Friday Morning, when the COURIER visited the school, a group of the students linked to the lawlessness were in the school principal’s office with their parents present.

The COURIER questioned students at the school who asked not to be named. They confirmed the fight was cellphone related and said the fight had gone on for about three days since earlier that week.

Evans said he didn’t want the ward councillor, he only wanted the education MEC before someone got seriously injured.

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