Animal centre under fire for raiding syndicate

DOG SYNDICATE: The soweto animal rescue centre is under threat.

A shelter for animals is under threat after rescuing several dogs in an operation alongside police.

The Soweto Animal Rescue and Advisory Centre (SARAC) has received threats and are being intimidated following an operation where they raided several residents’ homes in Soweto under a court order to help dogs that are believed to have been used in dogfighting syndicates.

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SARAC’s ranger Jerry Selwane said threat and intimidation towards the centre had emerged following the dog rescue operation in October. He said the staff was being intimidated and they were warned that the dogs recovered would be stolen.

He said most rangers lived on SARAC’s premises and this put their lives in danger.

“We have reported the matter to the SAPS, but need to be proactive in protecting the entire SARAC family- both human and animal while the wheels of justice turn. Unfortunately, our work has led us to make some dangerous and powerful enemies.

“Their violent threats and intimidation will not stop us. We will continue to do what is right and fight for the voiceless and vulnerable. But we cannot do it alone.”

The centre appealed to the public for any assistance in tightening their security.

“If you, or someone you know, has connections in the security industry, please can you make contact. We need to secure the kennels and the homestead as soon as possible. If you have spare fencing, barbed wire or similar supplies, please consider donating to us. We need everything we can get our hands on.

“We are sickened when we try to contemplate the fate of the animals who will be stolen or the lengths evildoers will go to in fulfilling their criminal agenda. As usual, we have no available financial resources to deal with yet another crisis.”

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He said the centre was only working on faith and the donations from a few.

“We appeal to you to help us out yet again.”

Selwane reiterated that the centre was in contact with police to discuss the effect of crimes related to dogfighting.

BUST: A man was arrested during a pitbull raid in October.

Being at the forefront of a campaign to curb illegal dogfighting Selwane said syndicates profited from the bloodshed of the unaware dogs who were forced to attack each other in dogfights.

“They [syndicates] target young boys who show a passion for animals, forcing them to steal the dogs.”

“In the last week of October an investigation by the National Council of SPCA’s (NSPCA) special investigations unit led to the arrests of 10 alleged dog fighters who were found with multiple pit bulls kept chained in substandard living conditions,” he said.

He said the dogs rescued were malnourished with no veterinary treatment for their injuries sustained in tortuous training methods.

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Selwane said they would do everything in their power to rescue the voiceless from the senseless sport.

He asked anyone who wanted to help to contact him on 084 911 9459 and make any contributions to SARAC.

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