The Bag Lady

Well, it’s almost here. Mornings are becoming lighter earlier and evenings lighter for longer and I for one, can’t wait. Yes, I’m talking about spring.

For me, it’s seemed a long winter and I’m looking forward to wearing minimal clothing again without layer upon layer. It takes me so much longer to get ready in a morning.

With spring in mind brings me to Just 4 You

I’ve read lots on beauty treatments and have been to a few beauty therapists to see what they offer differently from others. A friend of mine recently told me about Just 4 You, owned by Michelle Contente, and a treatment she had had done and how pleased she was with the outcome.

So, I plucked up the courage, phoned and made an appointment and was pleasantly surprised by Michelle’s knowledge and interest in medical aesthetics. Especially in the way she explained the whole process to me in layman terms. I have never thought of myself as knowledgeable in these fields and have for ages wanted to find out how microneedling worked and if it would be painful. Michelle, thank you so much for making me comfortable enough to even consider having a treatment done. I have to tell you all I’m quite a coward and even having my eyebrows done is quite enough for me. My first treatment went without a hitch and even though I experienced a little tingling sensation afterwards, it was nowhere near as painful as I’d thought and I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment. Michelle not only specialises in medical aesthetics but also in permanent makeup, plasma pen treatments, paramedical treatments and lash extensions. She can be reached on 071 361 9688 and you’ll find her at 99 Michelle Avenue, Randhart in the Docs@Work building.

New from Checkers

In a first for supermarket retailing in South Africa, Checkers will be launching Ready to Chef meal kits. Developed by chefs, each meal kit consists of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and a step-by-step recipe card with a QR code to a how-to video.

With these meal kits, even time-pressed consumers can now cook delicious, effort-free dinners at home. The Ready to Chef meal kits are priced between R119.99 and R179.99 per a meal for two people, offering excellent value. They are also perfectly portioned so there is no food waste.

Four different recipes, including a vegetarian option, will be available in stores each week.

There are a total of 16 meal kits in the Ready to Chef range, which include: Butter chicken curry with rotis; cauliflower cottage pie; Asian beef and sesame seed salad; mushroom, pea and mint risotto; beef stroganoff with zucchini spaghetti; sweet and sour pork with jasmine rice; biltong nicoise salad; and sweet potato and lentil dahl curry with buttered naan (vegetarian).

The Ready to Chef meal kits are available at all Checkers and Checkers Hyper supermarkets across South Africa. Ummm, I think I may buy one and give it a try. I’m always up to trying something new.

That’s it for this week. Shop till you drop.


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