Booysens Sangoma with healing powers

ELISA-Mthavini Mbhiza, a sangoma from Booysens informal settlement, relies on her bag of bones to help people with problems.

She has a one-room shack at her home from which she works.

Elisa said she received the calling of being a sangoma in 1985 while she was still in Limpopo. She told COURIER that after answering to the call from her ancestors, that people from Johannesburg started to consult her all the way to Limpopo for help, and that’s when she decided to come to Johannesburg and do more work.

Her name is well-known in the streets of Booysens and Faraday. She told COURIER that she can heal all kinds of sickness, diseases and pains. She also said that she has trained about eight sangomas who are also doing great work in their townships.

When the COURIER visited her on Monday, September 3, about two people came in to be cleansed by Elisa. Residents from the settlement believe in her gifts and trust her opinions. Elisa said everything that she does is conducted by her ancestors.

“All that I want is to help all kinds from all races and all nations. My husband has also been supportive of me and he acts as my translator. “There was this day where one lady who could not walk was brought to my attention, but through my powers, she was restored. I can even heal the sickness that is called ‘belt’,” explained Elisa.


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