Focus on yourself, and not others

“The main challenge with most of us is that we see men who have arrived, and we weigh them in the hour of their triumph without taking the trouble to find out how they arrived.” – Sir Napoleon Hill from The Master Key To Riches.

Most people spend their time idolising and raving about how ‘successful’ other people are and this takes the focus off themselves. Be inspired by someone who has achieved greatness and look at them as examples that should inspire you to dig deeper within yourself and increase your fire instead. Let their achievements re-ignite the fire within you that has gotten weak or even died. How you look at others may either increase your fire to become more and attract more into your life, demotivate you to think you are not good enough or it can increase jealousy which becomes toxic and energy-draining. The important thing here is to focus on what matters most and correct your perspective.

Men and women of substance have proven to us over and over again that the will to do something trumps all the odds. Why am I saying this? I am saying this because we have seen people whose academic results were mediocre, had poor family backgrounds and had nothing going for them except the strong will to succeed in life. These people went on to defy all the odds and status quo. So, this is why I always emphasise that in life you either produce results or reasons. Results require no reasons or explanations because they are there and can be seen by everyone. So, having to give reasons or explanations is what creates stress and discomfort. So, correct your focus on what will help you become a better human being and you will experience the joy you never dreamed of.


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Sandiso Fila a successful entrepreneur

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