Jackson Informal Settlement dance group keeps young people busy

BASOTHO Group is a cultural group which dances in Sesotho style based in Jackson Informal Settlement in the South of Johannesburg.

The group was established in 2017 by Lebusa Mokoena and Katlego Mokoena and most of the participating members are school learners.

The group has about 15 members, the aim of the group is to unite young people of the southern areas through cultural dance and also to avoid drugs and alcohol.

“We want to show our friends it is not alcohol and house parties that make young people enjoy life. The group has helped other young people who lost interest in life. It’s not only Sotho people who are welcome to join our group, other people from other tribes are also welcome,” said Lebusa.

Reboptile Mabelane, a teacher from Thuto-Lefa Secondary School in Lawley, has been guiding the group since its establishment. Reboptile’s involvement in the group has made Basotho perform in areas like Springs, Lawley and Soweto.

“I am not a leader or founder of the group. I am a coordinator and I help most in organising tours. In most cases, they know how to manage themselves very well. Songs and dancing styles are composed by them. It makes me proud to be associated with these bright minds,” said Reboptile.


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