South Rand Hospital staff and patients reminded about exercising

SOUTH Rand Hospital held a week-long campaign promoting the importance of exercising and mental health for staff and patients which started on September 4.

Throughout the campaign, the profession of physiotherapy and knowledge on mental health through physical activity was promoted.

Anna-Loyce Mlizane, physiotherapist at the hospital, explained the campaign was aimed at having people understand exercising stimulates good hormones in your brain, increases positive attitude and lowers the risk of depression. The theme was taken from the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT). A station was placed at the hospital where pamphlets were distributed to patients and staff members.

The pamphlets had detailed information on how to exercise and manage your body. They also shared motivational messages about the effects of exercises.

On Tuesday the campaign was taken to the paediatric ward with organisers of the campaign dressed as superheroes to entertain the young ones. Beach balls, caps, frisbees and paddle boards were given to children in the ward. The balls and boards were sponsored by the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP).

HEROES: Lihle Mbambo (senior physio), Kathryn Foulkes (community service physio), Linzie le Roux and Marguerite Lotter (physio student).

The campaign’s outcome was great with a positive response from patients and staff members.

“We conducted an exercise class on September 5 with the staff members at the hospital. We did rejuvenating aerobics exercises to music.

HOME: Queens Haven Old Age Home was one of the homes that received a special visit from South Rand Hospital.

“Then, on Thursday we went to Queens Haven Old Age Home and did education and an exercise class with old-school music with the residents. The residents were pleased with the class and felt it was a refreshing change to their routines. On Friday we also had an exercise class with music for our rehabilitation patients,” said Anna-Loyce.

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