Accident awareness may save your life

GLAD TO BE ALIVE: Asheena Patel was injured in the accident. *File Photo

If you are involved in a road accident, or come across one, immediately contact 084 124. Once you’re in contact with ER24’s alarm centre, the operator will be able to ascertain the nature of the accident and will know to alert the correct emergency service, that being the fire brigade, ambulance or traffic department.

Next, one should provide the location of the accident by giving street names and the nearest intersection, so that emergency services can locate the site as quickly as possible. Always try to alert oncoming traffic by switching on your hazard lights and redirecting the traffic if necessary.

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ER24 recommends that when calling for help, people should be ready to describe the victims’ injuries – ER24’s “doctor-on-call” will be able to advise callers prior to the arrival of paramedics.

ER24 would like to remind members of the public that an important part of first aid is reassuring the victim – the presence of calm, reassuring person has helped many accident victims survive serious injury.

To prevent further injury, do not move the patient, as this may aggravate injuries already sustained. Wait for the paramedic who is experienced in trauma and emergency, to arrive on the scene. Accident patients who may have broken bones, internal injuries or injury to the neck or spine should not be moved unless absolutely necessary.

If the victim is unconscious, turn the head to the side to help prevent choking, but do not move the head of someone who may have a broken neck or a spinal injury.

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Take note – members of the public must not jeopardise their lives in heroic attempts to save injured motorists.

The basic essentials to survive are – oxygen, blood and sugar. One needs to establish, open and maintain an airway while supporting the victim’s neck. Establish if breathing is present, and if it is absent, initiate breathing while supporting the neck. Stop any bleeding by applying direct pressure on a bleeding wound – this will stop or reduce bleeding.

The public can learn to initiate life sustaining measures by doing a CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation) course.

Take note of the following emergency contact numbers

Police – 10111

Rescue – 10177

ER24 – 084 124

Vodacom contract users – 082 911

MTN users – 112

Cell C contract users – 084 148

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