The Bag Lady

They may not have everything they wish for, but they have a caring home, people who love them, and each other. It was truly magical.

Believe in yourself

Give yourself permission to live the life you deserve.

The Bag Lady

These past two weeks I’ve given you some reasonably priced gift ideas and this week it’s time for a few more luxury gift ideas.

Where to from here?

Would you be happy if you had to be the person you are today for the rest of your life?

The Bag Lady

With Christmas approaching, The Bag Lady has been shopping for more gift ideas.

Know yourself

The world has long been waiting for you, come out now!

The Bag Lady

As promised, I was out and about this past week looking for reasonably priced gifts for children and adults.

The Bag Lady

You can buy single snowflakes and angels to a gingerbread house, as well as a DIY house for children to make up themselves.

Your cheque is in the post

Many South Africans, when experiencing a problem they simply cannot fix themselves

The Bag Lady

With only six weeks to Christmas, you had better make a start!