Good parents should smack their children

In some instances, it is understandable as there are severe cases out there where children are badly hurt and abused by their parents regularly.

We want to clean our ward

As far as I know he has had three public meetings within the ward pertaining to various projects that are occurring within the ward.

Handbag lost at The Glen

If the person returns the bag and can drop it off at centre management office at The Glen, with their contact details, I will buy them a brand new bag like the one I lost.

Good articles about Reuven

“It is time for the terrible corruption and fraud in this country to stop!”

Real eye-opener

However, at my last visit I found there was an unfortunate plethora of a rapidly growing alien species in the park.

Thank you for the support

Every hour, every day, every week and every month you are doing something for the community that is extremely hard-working.